Recognition that Children do not Come to School Empty-headed

A child does not come to school empty-headed, On the contrary, he/she comes with different sorts of knowledge – some of which the child is naturally endowed with; others which is experiential (from parents, older siblings, relatives, neighbors etc. with whom the child interacts ).

Excella School recognizes that our teachers should begin with this knowledge with which the children come to school, then build onto it. This is known as From The Known to The Unknown teaching-learning approach.

Let us share with you an example. Instead of giving the definition of Balanced Diet and giving pupils lots of notes, the teacher gives the pupils a group work activity which allows the pupils to identify why they don’t eat the same food at home everyday, and what would happen to them and their family if they ate the same type of food everyday. By approaching the lesson like this, the teacher will have tapped the knowledge of the children, which will facilitate him/her to teach them the concept of Balanced Diet.