Excella School Education Vision

Excella School seeks to nurture and develop children to grow up into creative and independent-minded adults who can productively participate in sustainable development pursuits of their country, Rwanda, or indeed their respective countries if they come from abroad or overseas.

This simply refers to what we at Excella School aim to achieve when the children under our care turn into adults. What kind of human beings will they be like? How different will they be from other adults who as children will have gone through other schools? To answer these questions, let us refer to what one of the highly renowned educationists once said - that:

‘Education is that which remains when almost all you have learnt in school is long forgotten.’

Indeed, whereas you may forget almost all the History and Chemistry you learnt in school, you cannot easily forget the humility, care and discipline of the History or Chemistry teachers if they were characterized by these fine attributes. Whereas you may forget almost all the Geography and Physics you learnt at school, you may not forget the strict but kind Headmaster, you may not forget the disorganized and rough Biology teacher… and so on and so forth. The total summation of all this is what is referred to as Education – and you use more of this in your everyday life than what you formally learnt at school.