Why enroll your child at Excella School ?

His Excellency, The President of The Republic of Rwanda has reiterated on very many occasions how the development of Rwanda’s human capital is the only national pursuit which will bring about sustainable transformation of our country. The relevancy of this wisdom can not be overemphasized. Sustainable creativity is best nurtured when people are still young and daring; energetic and inquisitive. Therefore, the primary school level is the focal point of His Excellency’s national plea about human capital development The youth in our schools can immensely benefit from this national commitment articulated by the Head of State.

However, educational mindsets, and indeed all the other mindsets, must give way to innovative approaches which can facilitate our country to move to another level – indeed, to a higher level.

Excella School educational vision departs from educational mindsets which seek conformity, are pre-occupied with academic work, employ rote learning, are exam-driven – and consequently add little value to empowering the youth with practical and sustainable skills. We recognize that children are abundantly endowed with diverse talents. Through our child-centered and all-round teaching-learning methodology, we nurture and develop creativity in children so that these talents are exploited to the optimum potential. This constitutes the foundation for national innovation; it is the foundation for socio-economic and technological transformation – and it is the foundation of our entire nation! We advocate for an educational overhaul which seeks to change the mindsets which have hampered sustainable development. Globalization dictates that there is a very urgent need to adequately prepare the youth of our country to face new challenges of the global village – today, tomorrow, and in the far distant future.

Material wealth runs out – but high quality education is a rich resource which lasts for a lifetime! Excella School offers this special timeless resource. Your child’s future is our passion – and it is indeed the very inspiration which prompted the birth of Excella School.

At Excella School, we have made our humble contribution in a bid to change educational mindsets. This contribution comes only after 3 academic years of existence. And, this is just the beginning. We are poised to reach the greatest heights – and we have the drive, passion and commitment to take your child along with us. Give your child a rare educational opportunity – enroll him/her at Excella School. It will be the most invaluable contribution to your child’s future

Thank you so much for your audience. Once again, on behalf of Excella School community, a warm welcome.